A4 Paper Size in Centimetres

When it comes to paper sizes, one of the most widely used formats around the world is A4. Whether you’re working in an office, printing documents, or designing layouts, understanding the dimensions of A4 paper in centimeters is essential. In this article, we will explore the A4 paper size, its measurements, and its significance in various fields.

Dimensions A4 size in cm


An A4 size in cm has a width of 29,7 cm and a length of 21 cm.

The A4 paper size is part of the ISO 216 international standard for paper sizes, which is widely adopted in many countries. It is used for a variety of purposes, including general office documents, letters, forms, reports, and more. A4 paper measures 21 centimeters (cm) in width and 29.7 centimeters (cm) in height, making it taller and narrower compared to other common paper sizes.

The dimensions of A4 paper, 21 cm by 29.7 cm, create a ratio of approximately 1:1.4142, which is known as the square root of 2. This ratio plays a crucial role in the ISO 216 standard, as it allows for easy scaling and resizing without altering the aspect ratio. It means that if you divide an A4 sheet in half along its shorter side, you get two A5 sheets with the same aspect ratio. Similarly, folding an A4 sheet in half along its longer side will result in two A5 sheets.

Paper Size Type Paper Width Paper Height
A4 Dimensions 21 cm 29.7 cm
Letter Dimensions 21.6 cm 28 cm

Letter size: Canada and the United States of America.
A4 size in mm: United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Singapore, India, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, New Zealand and nearly ever other country in the world.






Q: What are the dimensions of A4 paper in centimeters?

A: The dimensions of A4 paper are 21 centimeters (cm) in width and 29.7 centimeters (cm) in height.

Q: What is the weight of A4 size paper?

A: The weight of A4 size paper is commonly 80 grams per square meter (gsm) for standard office paper. However, paper weights can vary depending on the thickness, density, and specific type of paper.

Q: What is the significance of A4 paper size?

A: A4 paper size is widely used around the world for various purposes, including office documents, printing, and design. Its standardized dimensions promote consistency and compatibility, making it easy to exchange and handle documents. A4 paper is versatile, stackable, and fits well into folders and binders. It is also compatible with most printers and copiers.

Q: How does A4 paper compare to other paper sizes?

A: A4 paper is taller and narrower compared to other common paper sizes such as Letter size (used in the United States and Canada). A4 paper has a ratio of approximately 1:1.4142 (the square root of 2), allowing for easy scaling and resizing without altering the aspect ratio.

Q: Can the weight of A4 paper vary?

A: Yes, the weight of A4 paper can vary depending on factors such as paper thickness, density, and the specific type of paper. While 80 gsm is the standard weight for office paper, you may find A4 paper with weights ranging from 60 gsm (lightweight) to 120 gsm (heavier weight), and specialized paper types like cardstock or photo paper may have different weight specifications.

Q: Why is A4 paper popular?

A: A4 paper gained popularity due to its practicality, compatibility, and international standardization. Its dimensions provide a good balance between space for content and manageability. A4 paper is widely used in offices, institutions, and printing industries worldwide, promoting consistency in document exchange and efficient resource utilization.

Q: Are there different types of A4 paper?

A: Yes, there are different types of A4 paper available to suit various needs. These include standard office paper, cardstock for projects requiring more sturdiness, and photo paper for high-quality prints. Each type of paper may have different weight specifications and features tailored to its specific purpose.

Q: Can A4 paper be used for printing?

A: Yes, A4 paper is commonly used for printing professional documents, including brochures, flyers, posters, and books. Many printers, both desktop and commercial printing presses, are designed to accommodate A4-sized paper, making it a convenient choice for printing needs.

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